We finally closed on the purchase of the building on Nov. 1st… Renovations began that afternoon!

Billy Goat Landscaping has been busy expanding our playground area and building a beautiful playscape for our children.

Black Bear Property Services will begin installing the fence and the exterior renovations early next week.

Richardson Services will continue making the architect’s vision a reality inside the building. Taking out a wall to open up the downstairs, exchanging a commercial kitchen for an infant classroom, expanding the nursery area, removing old carpet and replacing with new hard floors, and painting each classroom to our teachers’ specifications are among the tasks for the interior.

Unfortunately, the exterior painting will not be completed until the spring 2020 due to weather and illnesses.

Please stay tuned for more information as the days and weeks fly by.

Our goal is to have our first student day at the new school on January, 2nd when we return from Christmas break. I will certainly keep you all posted!