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Choosing a daycare for your child is an extremely important decision that can be very overwhelming as a parent. Our family recently moved to Kennebunk and heard numerous recommendations for AJN. After doing some research and touring various places, it was clear that AJN was the place for us. Our son has been here for about 6 months and after a quick transition, he absolutely loves going to school. We love everything about AJN – the kind and nurturing teachers, the clean and comforting classrooms, the balance of independent play and structured learning. We are planning to send our other son to AJN as well after having such an incredible experience. Leaving your child for an entire day can be very daunting but since starting at AJN, I feel completely at ease and trust all the wonderful teachers to the fullest. Even when Theo’s teacher is out or others are helping in his classroom, I am completely comfortable because they have all provided such amazing care. The leadership team has also been incredible, very hands-on with excellent communication, and always striving to improve. We can’t say enough about our love and appreciation for AJN and its staff.
~Emily, Mom of 2, 2023

How we love AJN! My daughter attended last year and my two sons attend this year. AJN goes out of their way to treat my kids with love and compassion. Their play-based curriculum is engaging and fun! The kids spend a ton of time getting fresh air outside, doing art projects, and practicing their kid yoga (which my son LOVES!). The teachers are gentle, kind, and love my kids for exactly who they are. I am confident that my kids are loved and safe when we drop them off each day!
~Allison , Mom of 3, 2023

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Happy Student

Having my daughter attend A Joyful Noise has been a wonderful experience, especially as a new parent, when I felt like I had no idea what I was doing! The leadership and teachers are truly present and caring. I was so impressed by AJN’s attention to detail, education planning and curriculum, its caring environment (both for children and staff), their support of teachers, and community-mindedness. The center is clean and bright, and every-single-staff-member is friendly and always welcoming. I think it’s particularly significant that on my daughter’s second day of school, not only did her wonderful teachers know her name (the waddler teachers are Mary Poppins come to life!!) but because staff often visit the younger classrooms, other staff members knew her too and even called her out by name to say hello. We felt so welcomed and included. Additionally, I supremely appreciate the opportunities for parent/family involvement like the Saturday playgroups, ArtWalk (yes!!), and other gatherings throughout the year. I’ll close by saying: I work in Kennebunk too (convenient for pick up/drop off!), and after my daughter was born, so many community members came up to me and said “Is she going to go to Joyful Noise?”
~Cynthia Walker, Mom, 2023

My son has been attending A Joyful noise since he started going to daycare and we have had an amazing experience. It can be hard trusting the care of your little one to someone, but we are always confident that our little guy will be well cared for here. The staff is very attentive and frequently updates us and send pictures during the day. The time there is both structured and mixed with lots of play in preparation for pre-k.
~Emily Calvanese, Mom, 2023

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We couldn’t recommend A Joyful Noise enough to parents looking for daycare and we feel so grateful to have found such a wonderful and caring child care home for our son. I use the word “home” over daycare facility or center, as the staff at AJN really do make it feel as close to home as possible for little ones and their parents. As first time parents, the thought of leaving our sweet baby in the care of someone else was daunting. However, the loving teachers at A Joyful Noise quickly put my feelings at ease when I saw how nicely our son was settling in with the support of his teachers and new friends. The reassurance of knowing our child is in such caring and loving hands is truly invaluable as a parent. Teachers also frequently share updates that help me feel that I am still a part of his day from far away. We love seeing the activities they plan for the kids to foster their creative development and growth. Our son has such a wonderful time playing outside on the AJN playground and the teachers do their best to have the kids enjoy the outdoors and fresh air as much as possible. One thing in particular that appealed to me about AJN was the majority of teachers are also parents, so they truly understand how to care for each child and do so as if they were their own. Attending A Joyful Noise really feels more like being a part of a loving community of teachers and parents who are all truly passionate about caring for children and watching them grow. The teachers work hard to create family engagement through events, frequent communications and newsletter updates. Our family absolutely loved the recent Art Walk – and it was evident how much time and effort went into celebrating the creativity of the children and showcasing it for parents to enjoy. Finding a child care that you can trust is an incredibly important decision and we couldn’t recommend A Joyful Noise enough to parents. We feel so fortunate to have found AJN and we so appreciate the big hearts of their staff that help these little ones grow.

~Allison , Mom, 2023

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My daughter has been attending the Joyful Noise Preschool and it has been such a wonderful experience for her (and me, too). It has everything that I would hope for in a preschool and more. The teachers are kind, caring, talented, and truly have a gift for working with children. The facilities are clean, fun, just the right size and organized. There has obviously been a lot of forethought put into safety and security, which for me, was essential. The atmosphere is happy, creative, fun, and loving. My daughter comes home and proudly showing off amazing crafts that she has made. Additionally, I have been quite pleased with the curriculum and regular newsletters. All in all, I give them top marks, five stars, thumbs up (way up)!!

~Dominique Carpentier M.D.

I found the search for a pre-school harder than I ever anticipated. My initial attitude was that pre-school was essentially a place for my only child to learn social skills. When I began looking at various programs my attitude soon changed. While I found most curriculums were fairly compatible, teachers, philosophies and facilities were not.
Joyful Noise provides a truly nurturing program in all aspects. Our experience (and I use “our” since the environment at Joyful Noise extends to the child’s family as well) has far exceeded our expectations.
~Rachael Ryan

Upon our first visit to “A Joyful Noise Preschool” we immediately formed a positive impression. The staff was by far the most enthusiastic and pleasant of any of the six preschools we visited, which made us feel comfortable that this school would be a nurturing environment for our son. Attending A Joyful Noise has been a great experience for our family. Within the first couple weeks our son told us, “You guys did a great job picking out my school.” He looks forward to his school days, and every time we drop him off we know he’s learning and having fun. Our feeling that we made the right choice was once again affirmed when our son recently said, “We looked at schools and schools and more schools and you guys found the perfect one.
~The Cook Family

We are incredibly grateful to have found a place where our children’s spiritual nourishment is as important as their education.
~Lana Wescott

We were ultimately looking for a place where our children would be loved and cared for in a safe and peaceful environment. Our goals were for them to make friends, build their confidence, and learn something while they were there…And as I think back on this year I am stunned. I find myself struggling to articulate what I was most pleased with. I never imagined that we would be this pleased. A Joyful Noise is truly a home. Our family has felt welcomed and blessed to be a part of your family. Clearly J and C have benefited the most from school, but I think it has been such a part of our entire family’s happiness with our move to Kennebunk throughout the year… Your patience alone is worth gold. But your guidance, generosity, and kindness are also incredible. The kids simply adore all of you and I know that they are well prepared for next year and many, many future successes…

~Maureen DiGiovanni

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